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A commentary on the creative process. You've got to be out there waiting to catch the wave.



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polymath: a person of wide-ranging skill, knowledge, or learning.

Gibran started his professional life as an athlete. But after six years as an NFL quarterback, he was ready for a change.

His lifelong love of creating and a knack for sewing his own shirts led him to create Alial Fital, an internationally recognized menswear brand. After dedicating his creative energy to Alial Fital for 8 years, the artist in him wanted to create something new.

From that drive, GIBRAN was born.

GIBRAN is more than a passion project. It’s an innovative line of Gibran’s in house designs complimented by carefully selected pieces from innovative designers. With unique and unexpected pieces for women, men, kids and the home, GIBRAN offers an elevated boutique shopping experience in Seattle’s distinctive Phinney Ridge neighborhood.

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